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Proud Puppy Parents

If you are an owner of a puppy from a past litter, please feel free to send pictures and stories.
We love to see our pups grow up!
Or, if you're looking to adopt one of our babies and would like a reference, just ask!  Any one of these families (and many more) would love to share their story with you.
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Molly fka Sasha- Summer x Bear's Pup
"Thank you!  We are already in love!!"
"She slept all the way to Charlotte."

Sarang fka Ridge- Ryleigh x Kieran's Pup
"I just want to say thanks to you. Sarang is a the best lab puppy. He is better, smarter than what I expected."
Major fka Maximilliam- Montana x Bear's Pup
"Major is a fun loving dog with a great personality and temperament. He loves kids and playing ball. He is going to go on his first Teal hunt in September. "

Marley fka Laney- Lecia x Porter's Pup
"Just wanted to give you a quick update on Marley!   She's an absolute dream puppy, already completely potty trained! Into a bit of a teething phase but lots of bones and toys to keep her busy.  Does not jump on people or bark at all when the door bell rings!  Everyone LOVES her!  We just Love her to pieces!!!! Thank you for the easiest, well mannered pup in the world.  We are so in love with her.   She's a great little running partner too!"

"Just wanted to send you a quick update on Marley!  She is such a well behaved puppy!  Last time we had her weighed she was about 50 pounds.  She loves the snow and will do anything you ask her for a treat. She will start her training in February to become a therapy dog. She is so calm and well behaved, she'll be great."


Koda fka Theo- Truffles and Jonah pup

"Koda has been calm, friendly and smart since the day we brought him home.  We want to thank you for helping us choose the right puppy for us.  We have a very active house, with 3 boys, and you helped Koda pick us.  He goes to all soccer and lacrosse games.   People comment on how well mannered and beautiful he is.   They love his dark chocolate coat.

He was house trained within the week, has never chewed on any furniture and is turning out to be very easy to train.    He also did pretty good on his first pheasant hunt.    Most importantly, he is the perfect family dog for us." 

Izzy fka Jaydin-Jada and Jonah Pup
"Northern Lakes Labs came highly recommended by another family that has two of their labs and we were not disappointed. Izzy fit into the family immediately and has done so well with three little kids.  She potty trained really quickly and slept through the night by night 2, I think in huge part due to their training before we brought her home. Alitha and Dan were SO easy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a gorgeous, mild mannered, fun lab!"
Jagger- Jada and Jonah's Pup

Hi Alitha,
I just wanted to send you a few pic?c of Jagger. He has completely won our hearts, he is a beautiful and loving little guy and eager to please. At 13 weeks he was weighing 26 lbs.
Thank you so much.
Tess (FKA Jonell)- Jersey and Bear's Pup
We are really enjoying Tess & can?t believe how smart she is.  I was wondering if you hear that a lot, because A LOT of people cannot get over how smart Tess is?!  In 3 weeks she has mastered more commands than I can count!  She?s bored already & I have to come up with some new material & I am not even a dog trainer.  Plus she is sweet, very good natured & extremely social.  As you can tell by (only a few) of the attached photos she has settled in quite well & we couldn?t be more pleased.  I will be sure to tell anyone who asks me where I got such a wonderful dog (even the vet has declared her a perfect specimen)  ? keep up the good work!  Thank you so very much for this fantastic addition to our family ? I really hope you are still breeding in 10-15 years when we will be ready for our next dog!  J
Tuk (FKA Reed)- Rainee and Bear's Pup 
Hi Alitha,
"Well we finally named him. "Mayatuk" which is Inuit for White Fang from Jack Londons book.
We have been calling him "Tuk" for short. He is a great dog. Housebreaking is going well. He is so mellow and laid back just like I said I wanted he has little spurts of energy , otherwise he is content to just lay at your feet and sleep. he gets along great with other dogs and he loves all people we take him all over with us . From the first night he came home he has slept in his crate without any problems.We love him so much. He is a  joy. Thanks for breeding such a well balanced puppy."
Kris and John 

"He is the smartest, sweetest mellowest dog. although it dosent look like it in the picture he is just calm.
Everyone loves him and cant believe how mellow and sweet he is. When I told you I wanted a low energy laid back boy you really picked the right pup for us.
We really enjoy him and this is how he has spent most of his summer at my parents house.
I think he loves his life.
Thanks again for a great dog."
Kris and John


Nela (FKA Pilar)- Olivia and Bear's Pup

"Thank you so much for the amazing Nela. She is everything we could ask for. Big day for Nela as she will be introduced to the pool and the car. The trainer had high parise for you the breeder because she listens well and goes potty in the grass, and thanks for all the goodies you sent. You have no idea how much joy Nela has brought into our lives."


Cyrus- Montana and Jesse's Pup

 "Cyrus is such a part of family and we cannot imagine our family without him.  We have tons of picture of Cyrus and please feel to email me whenever you want to see his pictures.  He is a huge puppy and last I weighed at vet's office he was 84 lbs.  My kids are looking forward to celebrating his first birthday on October 10.  Cyrus looks so much like Tana and his posture is just like Jesse.  He becoming like guard dog and loves to hangout with me."


Gunner and Maverick (FKA Kaleb and Kline)- Bria and Jesse's Pups

"Merry Christmas!! The boys are 5 months old and a whopping 70lbs!! We wish you and your family happy holidays!"



"Thought we would send you a picture of Gunner (left) and Maverick (right). They are such good dogs, very loving! Kyle has Gunner in training for duck hunting and Maverick is just a lazy old house dog :) The vet calls them "the wrecking crew" whenever they go to the vet. He said they are going to be very big dogs as they already weigh 50 lbs!

We are so happy with them and consider them our kids. Hehe."

Kaemon- Bria and Jesse's Pup

"We just took Kaemon to his 2nd vet appointment. He now weighs 27 pounds and is doing wonderful! 
His new favorite activity is running through the leaf piles and chasing squirrels. 
We have  been training him for duck hunting and he loves it. 

We attached a picture of his favorite riding spot when he's in the truck. :)

We love him more and more everyday!"


 Jersey- Rainee and Jonah's Pup

"Jersey is doing great! She has adapted well and very quickly. She is a happy puppy, we can tell she comes from a good home.

 A few pictures are attached. Our nephew sure likes her."


Jersey fka Jenna- Rainee and Jonah's Pup

"She's a wonderful puppy.  Everyone just loves her.  Very calm and Friendly dog.  Drive went well she hardly made a noise! 
Thanks for a great addition!"

Rosie fka Jamielyn- Rainee and Jonah's Pup
"Hi Alitha,
I took a few photos of Rosie this morning I wanted to share.
I love baby feet so the picture of Rosie toes is one of my favorites.
She is doing great and getting LOTS of attention.
Have a nice evening!"

Indie- Bria and Jesse's Pup

"We're in love with him already!"

Lilly fka Gazelle- Linnea and Dreamer's Pup

"She's doing wonderfully! I've attached a couple pictures of her during Christmas."


Lucia fka Gracie and her sister and new neighbor, Shaggy fka Gwen
Linnea and Dreamer's Pups

"She is doing fantastic, my wife has renamed her Lucia and is unconditionally in love.  She has been an amazing addition to our family and has brought hours of joy.  I have attached a photo of her and her new big brother and best friend, Solomon, as well as the results of a good romp with her sister Shaggy (Gwen)."


Harley FKA Holt- Dakota and Sammy's Pup

"Thank you for giving us such a great puppy!  He went from Holt to Harley..."

Drew- Dakota and Rocky's pup

"We are definitely enjoying Drew! He is still a sweet ? not so little anymore ? puppy. We have been walking him in the park at least once a day and sometimes twice. So he is strong and healthy. Drew pays attention to everything, learns so quickly, and recognizes a lot of words."


Lola Bella (Formerly Known as Cali)- Tana and Jesse's puppy

"Thank You for Cali! We love her. She is a great lab!"


Ellie (Formerly Known as Elizabeth)- Tana and Sammy's Puppy

"She is amazing!  We love her so much already.  It's obvious you love your dogs and have worked so hard with them.  She's very sweet...and smart!"


Madeline (Maddie)- Tana and Jamie's Puppy.

" She loves to swim in the lake behind our house and play tug of war with her frisbee at the dog park. She also loves to sleep and gets her special spot on our sofa. She looks like a queen lol. She has the cutest little pink collar and we have tons of nicknames for her. Like Madilia. Sometimes she does her "Mad dog run" and runs around the living room and under the barstool chairs. Its hilarious. We LOVE her."

This is Zimba (formerly known as Maverick)- Tana and Jamie's Puppy.

Zimba loves to play hide and seek with all of us.  His favorite game is basket ball (you should see how he plays to believe this he is a great defender).  Then of course he loves the game FETCH.  He is our cutie pie!  Zimba is bilingual too.  We speak an Indian language at home and I mostly speak to him in this language.  He understands English too.... Zimba also brings inside the newspaper for his Papa every Saturday and Sunday and takes pride in doing it! I can never stop bragging about your little Maverick, our Zimba."

Arianna- Tana and Dreamer's Puppy

"Here are some pictures of Arianna. The first picture was taken in Feb. with our other dog Gunnar. She likes to mother hen him, clean his face and ears and such. The other pictures were from the day we brought her home from your place. She is doing so good and such a pretty girl. She has the most beautiful eyes."
Arianna and her hunting buddy.

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