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 Cami $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Caroline $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Catie $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Charlee $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Clayton $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Cyrus $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Caden $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Connor $1800
(Cora x Ghost)

Emma $2000
(Eden x Ryder)

Harold $2000
(Harlee-Quinn x Loyal)

Elijah $2000
(Eden x Ryder)

Adrian $2000
(Amberlee x CH Titan)

Axel $2000
(Amberlee x CH Titan)

Adele $2000
(Amberlee x CH Titan)

Amy $2000
(Amberlee x CH Titan)

Beau $1800
1 1/2 year intact male

Annabelle $2000
(Amberlee x CH Titan)

Regina $2000
(Riese x Ghost)

Ricky $2000
(Riese x Ghost)

Robbie $2000
(Riese x Ghost)

All of our puppies come with Limited AKC Registration.  If you are looking for breeding/ show rights, please contact us before reserving your puppy.  There is an additional free.  All Georgia residents will be charged a 7% sale tax.  All credit cards and PayPal transactions will be charged a 3% fee.  If you are interested in visiting our facility, please read our visitation policy.  To reserve a puppy, click HERE.

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Na/Int Champion Angelina x Odin's Light Yellow Puppies~

National/ International Champion Angelina and Odin welcomed a litter of light yellow English puppies on May 24th.  They will be ready to join their new families at 8 weeks old, which is July 19th.  

Angelina comes from a long line of show dogs and had a sweet gentle temperament.  She loves to play with our kids and has always been very motherly towards them.  She earned her championship of conformation at a young age and was very easy to train.  She is OFA hips good, elbows normal and heart normal.  She is also EIC, and PRA/PRCD negative by DNA testing, so the puppies in this litter cannot be affected by either disease.

Odin is the son of our Na/Int CH Samson and Champion-Sired Luna.  He has a gorgeous English build and mellow temperament.  He gets along well with other dogs and with our kids.  He is OFA good, elbows normal and heart normal.

The adoption fee for these babies is $2000.  They will only be sold with Limited AKC Registration (No Breeding or Show Rights.)  If you are looking for a breeding dog, please inquire about another litter.  You can reserve one of these puppies HERE. (612) 232-6399





Odin (Handsome Sire)

Angelina (Sweet Mama)

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Finest Quality Labrador Retriever Puppies, Raised by Our Family, for Yours.

*Payments are non-refundable however should you need to cancel for any reason before the puppy is six weeks of age,
you may transfer the first $200.00 paid to a different puppy within one year of the cancellation date.  (One time ONLY please!!)

Please note that when placing a deposit on a litter that is under 4-5 weeks of age, you will not be choosing your actual puppy,
just your pick position, unless that is the only available puppy of the color/gender you are reserving.
Puppy picks must be made by 5 weeks of age or you will forfeit your pick position.


We will include a lifetime guarantee (for up to 10 years) for your puppy if you choose to continue with the Life's Abundance food.  We believe that this healthy food will promote a long life for your pup.  It is made with human-grade nutritious ingredients.  There are no extra fillers, so your dog should not develop any allergies.

If you choose to feed your pup a different food, we will provide a two year guarantee.  You can see the full guarantee here



All puppies will come with their LIMITED AKC Registration Papers.  This is the perfect option for pet puppies not intended for breeding or the show ring, as none of their offspring may be registered.  Should you be interested in full AKC Registration, please discuss this before taking a puppy home to be sure the puppy you have reserved  would qualify for full registration.  There is an additional fee for this, currently it is $1000.00 per puppy.  Please click HERE for full details on registration.

Georgia Sales Tax will be added to all Georgia-based transactions.  A 3% fee will be added to all credit card  and PayPal payments.  If you'd like to save this charge, you may send us a cashier's check, or pay your balance due with cash when picking your puppy up.  Please email us for the mailing address and to let us know if you will be sending us a check to reserve a puppy so we can hold your pick position until we receive your deposit.  7% GA Sales tax will be added for all GA customers.

Regarding updated puppy photos:  We're so glad that everyone enjoys seeing new photos of their puppy, and we are more than happy to update them every 10-14 days so you may watch them grow.  Sometimes we may be able to post them sooner, sometimes it may be a bit later if the weather has been bad, we're out of town, have family visiting from out of state, etc.  Usually after you choose your puppy we will just email the photos to you personally, but prior to the puppies being selected we'll post them on our website.  Please realize we do our best to photograph the puppies to appear as they actually look as far as size, conformation, color, etc., but lighting can make them appear either darker or lighter than they actually are, please be aware of this.  The reason we only update photos every 10-14 days is because of the time involved with this.  Taking photos of puppies is quite a job, they don't just sit and pose for the camera.  They're busy and just want to run and play!  It requires two to three of us to get photos good enough to portray them well enough so you may see how actually look.  Taking a video is even more difficult, for this reason we do not take videos of the puppies, please do not request them.  We have recently been asked to "FaceTime" with our puppies.  We apologize, but we will not be doing this either. Sorry, but we also have to tend to the needs of our family as well as caring for our dogs and puppies.  Emails requesting photos needlessly consumes our time as we will respond to all emails, but won't just run and take more photos of the puppies until it is time to update them.  Thank you in advance for your understanding with this!