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Frequently Asked Questions:

This page was last updated on 12/26/18.  Please understand that some policies may change before we update this page again. Thanks!

Q: Do you have any puppies available?
A: To see our available puppies, click on our Available 
Puppies page.  There you will see all the info about our puppies, and their parents.

Q: How old do the puppies have to be to go to their new homes?
A: Puppies have to be eight (8) weeks to  be picked up or shipped- per the State of Georgia.  

Q: Do you allow people to come and visit your facility and/or our reserved puppy?
A: Certainly!  We welcome visitors and enjoy getting to know the people who will be adopting our puppies.  We do however require a deposit first.  We want to make sure our puppies stay healthy and are not exposed to the germs and parasites that can easily transfer from one breeder's home to another.  We hope that you understand this policy and know that means we will provide the same protections to your pup when other people visit.  We don't want any sick pups! We need to protect the puppies at all cost.  Most of the puppies we raise are for other people, and protecting "your baby" is top priority for us.  Those with puppies reserved with us are very thankful for this policy.

Q: What color Labradors do you breed?
A: We breed Labs in all three colors recognized by the AKC, black, yellow and chocolate.  Yellow Labs come in a variety of shades from snow white to a dark fox red.
     These different shades although are certainly not actually "yellow" are still registered as yellow with the AKC.  

Q:  What is the difference between an American Lab and an English (or British) Lab?  The Labrador Training HQ website has a great explanation.

Q: What is included with a puppy when adopted?
A:  All of our puppies will have their first vaccinations and be dewormed every two weeks until adopted.  We also send a your puppy home with a "deluxe" puppy packet which includes his vaccination records, his pedigree, info on Labrador Retrievers breed standard, spay/neuter info as well as acclimating and training information.
     We also provide you with a starter bag of the food your puppy is currently eating so you may mix it with your new food, should you choose to not continue feeding the Life's Abundance Food.  Switching gradually is best so that there is less chance of stomach upset for your puppy.  We also recommend that you use bottled water at first and gradually switch to your own tap water after he is fully on your new food.  One change at a time is best to avoid causing too much stress on a young puppy.

Q: Do you guarantee your puppies?  What do we do if the puppy we adopt develops a problem?
A: We do guarantee our puppies and will replace a puppy that is found to have a defect.  When dealing with live animals, you can never be certain that
     everything will always be 100% perfect, or a guarantee would not be necessary.  We guarantee that your puppy will pass an OFA at 24 months of age and

     a CAER (eye) exam at 12 months of age or you may apply the price that you paid for your puppy to another puppy.  If the second puppy is higher in price, you must pay the difference.  You can read our FULL WARRANTY here.

 We also offer a "Lifetime Warranty" if you choose to continue feeding the Life's Abundance Food.  This states that if you continue to fee this wonderful food, we will give you a 10 year health warranty on your puppy.  If your pup should pass away from a health related reason within that 10 years, we will replace him/ her for you.  Please continue on to the link for more details.
Regarding updated puppy photos:  We're so glad that everyone enjoys seeing new photos of their puppy, and we are more than happy to update them every 10-14 days so you may watch them grow.  Sometimes we may be able to post them sooner, sometimes it may be a bit later if the weather has been bad, we're out of town, have family visiting from out of state, etc.  Usually after you choose your puppy we will just email the photos to you personally, but prior to the puppies being selected we'll post them on our website.  Please realize we do our best to photograph the puppies to appear as they actually look as far as size, conformation, color, etc., but lighting can make them appear either darker or lighter than they actually are, please be aware of this.  The reason we only update photos every 10-14 days is because of the time involved with this.  Taking photos of puppies is quite a job, they don't just sit and pose for the camera.  They're busy and just want to run and play!  It requires two to three of us to get photos good enough to portray them well enough so you may see how actually look.  Taking a video is even more difficult, for this reason we do not take videos of the puppies, please do not request them.  We have recently been asked to "FaceTime" with our puppies.  We apologize, but we will not be doing this either. Sorry, but we also have to tend to the needs of our family as well as caring for our dogs and puppies.  Emails requesting photos needlessly consumes our time as we will respond to all emails, but won't just run and take more photos of the puppies until it is time to update them.  Thank you in advance for your understanding with this!