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Adult Dogs For Sale

Occasionally we have an older puppy or an adult dog for sale.  This may be a puppy or adult that has been returned to us for some reason, a dog that we have decided does not qualify as a good breeding candidate, or a retired breeder.


Beau (1.5 Year Old Chocolate Male) with Full AKC Reg. (Breeding/ Show Rights) $2500
or Limited AKC Reg. (No Breeding/ Show Rights) $1800
He is house-trained and has completed puppy obedience classes.  He's great with kids and other dogs.
Eden x Jackson's Young Adult
(Click on his pictures for more info.)

All of our dogs/ puppies come with Limited AKC Registration.  If you are looking for breeding/ show rights, please contact us before reserving your puppy.  There is an additional free.  All Georgia residents will be charged a 7% sale tax.  All credit cards and PayPal transactions will be charged a 3% fee.  If you are interested in visiting our facility, please read our visitation policy.


Interested in adopting an adult?  Maybe you aren't up to the "puppy stage" but want a loyal, loving companion?  Are you a little nervous, not sure it would work out?  Check out our testimonials from other families that have previously adopted an adult Lovable Lab from us, maybe you'll feel a little more confident that adopting an adult can be a wonderful, rewarding experience for both you and the dog!!!  Please note that all dogs over one year of age will not be covered by a guarantee, they are sold "as is" only.

To see some of our happy families and the adult dog they've adopted from us, click here.

If you're interested in adopting one of our adults, after a phone interview about your family, we may, with some of our retired dogs, agree to a "Spay Contract" in lieu of an adoption fee, this will be stated next to each available dog if this is the case.  This would generally be for dogs that are getting older and we do not want them bred any longer.  Most of the time there will be an adoption fee for a younger dog placed into an adoptive home.  Sometimes they may be sold with breeding rights, other times they may not be, depending on the situation.  If breeding rights are not given, then we will give you a copy of the AKC papers and retain the original.  Placing our beloved dogs into permanent LOVING homes, is what is important to us.   We would prefer that they be picked up, but if you'd like them shipped, the airfare alone would be approximately $500.00, plus the cost of the vet health certificate and travel crate.  Likely about $700 total.  It is possible that we may be able to find ground shipping for around $400?  These charges are actual charges, and beyond our control. 

Any and all adults, over one year of age, will be sold without any guarantees.  This will include hips, elbows, eyes, health, temperament, or that they will adjust to their new home without any problems.  It is rare that they won't, but with any animal, you never know how they will react to change.  They may not be fully house-trained, but should learn quickly.  If things do not work out, and you choose to return the dog you have adopted, you may do so if desired, however no refunds or exchanges will be made.  We will however place the surrendered dog in a new adoptive home for you.
By adopting an adult from us, you are agreeing to these terms.